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The much anticipated Damper recipe! (save this to your photos)

April 25, 2016

How to cook Damper (and make it one of the best things about camping)

Ingredients & Method


  • In a Bowl Mix

    • Self-Raising Flour – 3 cups

    • Sugar – 1 teaspoon (omit for savoury options)

    • Salt – 1 pinch

  • Add

    • Butter – 1 tablespoon

      • OPTION for a long life recipe this can be omitted

    • Rub until crumbly

    • ADD your extra ADDITIONS if required

    • ADD

      • Milk – up to 1 cup

        • OPTION you can mix 50/50 with water

        • OPTION long life recipe you can use milk powder – add to the flour mix and then mix in water

      • Stir until forms a dough – you may like to flour your hands and mix with them.

      • Form into a ball and let sit for 10 minutes.


  • Sweet (separate or combination)

    • Choc Chip

    • Sultanas

    • Nuts

    • Mixed spice

  • Savoury (separate or combination)

    • Grated cheese

    • Mixed herbs

    • Mixed tomato’s

    • Bacon

    • Mushrooms

    • Spinach

    • Feta

Cooking options

  • Roll and twine over a stick – this will cook much faster than the other options and is a great one for families.

  • Make into balls/buns and cook on BBQ plate

  • Make into a ball and cook in oiled camp oven placed on hot coals (you may like to get a spade out and cover it with more coals)

  • Make into a ball, wrap in alfoil and place on hot coals (not flames) – again you may like to cover it with more coals.

The damper will cook at different times when it is covered, so you may wish to check at 20min to see how it is going, it usually takes 30 min.

When cooked the damper should be a golden colour (depending on how much butter has been added – it may not have the glossy bread look) – it is cooked when a hollow sound is heard when you knock on the bottom of the loaf.

What to eat it with:

  • Butter

  • Vegemite

  • Jam

  • Golden Syrup

  • Nutella

  • Cheese

  • Garlic Butter

  • Treat as bread (ie sandwich / bun)

  • Eat with your fingers :o)



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