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The Average Cost of Camping in Australia (and why you should try with us!)

March 10, 2017

Go to any garage sale and you usually find camping equipment in various stages of disrepair - and occasionally the odd gem from families who have bought, tried once and then put aside for a variety of reasons (kids grown up, no time for camping, forgotten about or tried and 'not their thing' etc etc).


A recent study has just been completed by RAC on the average cost of camping equipment. The figure they arrived at "per Australian household who participate in camping activities" was  $3786 per family!!! (Which sounds about right when we cost our what we do!)


Look in any one of these families back shed or storage and you are likely to find it looking a little like this: lost or broken poles, mismatched and odd bits and pieces; a little bit of chaos.


Now, we camp ourselves as a family, as well as provide campsites to our lovely customers whom are often novice campers wanting to experience camping for the first time away from the Caravan Park atmosphere. M Most have never been camping before, or would love to try camping and are quite unsure where to start, whilst others love camping and just want to go without having to check to make sure they have everything (great for newby families with a boot full of portacots and prams)


The WA Wilderness Glamping continues to have the "Glamping" name even though we are using traditional camping equipment and not a camping chalet; mainly to distinguish ourselves from the fact you can do nothing - yep just pack an esky - and still go camping.


What this means is that you are really camping - sure you are not buying the equipment (all $3786 of it), packing for your stay, trying to fit it into your car, setting it up or pulling it down then trying to find somewhere to dry the gear, then pack and store the equipment away.


This type of catered camping gives people and families an option to give it a go; no matter what you have in terms of camping equipment. It also guarantees you a beautiful site in our National Park next to the river (which are premium over busy periods).


Prices start at $47 per night per couple for the DIY camp kit only version and go up to $299 per night for a family of 4 for our 3 night Wilderness package (with breaky and tour included) and we always have our pay 3 stay up to 5 and pay 4 stay up to 7 options available.


See below for details!


WA Wilderness Family Adventure Package


Our full packages at $899 (Save $271 off full price RRP $1170) includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation in a WA Wilderness campsite for a family of 4 on the banks of the Warren River

  • Private ensuite tent (all linen included)

  • National Park Camping Fees Paid

  • Breakfast basket for 3 mornings

  • A half day Ecotour through the National Parks with Pemberton Discovery Tour including Picnic Lunch

If you can only stay for 2 nights let us know as we can organise a similar package. To book this - click here and in notes make sure you are asking for the Wilderness Package with tour option.


WA Wilderness - Air BnB style (aka no bedding)


A camping option without bedding and can save you a bit (as we don't have to worry about the laundry) great value at $195 per night for a camp with stretchers / no mattress or quilt. To book this - click here and in notes make sure you are asking for the Air BnB option.


(Usually we use the "Duverlay" Style bedding which are memory foam mattresses with a quilt sewn into the cover. These give our customers a superior sleep - as they are super comfortable! Our normal pricing includes this bedding)


DIY Camp to Go

$220 for up to 3 nights or $330 for up to 7.


We work with you - the size of your vehicle and the number of people you are looking at housing to determine the tent and bedding materials you require. A small camp stove, frying pan and billy are usually the minimum cooking facilities - and we work to our customers requirements to ensure they have what they need for their camping holiday without overcrowding their vehicle.


To book this - email us direct with your dates and approximately what you are after.


So next time you are looking in your shed, considering a camping holiday, shut the door and call us!



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