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How your Pre & Post Wedding Celebrations can be made easy!

February 26, 2018

Often we meet lovestruck couples visiting the region looking at the perfect place to say I do. However what we have found it that the wedding is no longer about just them - they want to bond their friends and families together in pre and post wedding celebrations events.

In a small town like Pemberton, intimate weddings involving the extended wedding party happen all the time; the tradition has changed. Beautiful places like Jarrah Jacks Brewery, Silkwood Estate, Hidden River and Lost Lake are large venues and combining two families prior to a wedding even if it is for a lunch or dinner the day before can often break the ice and make the actual wedding event pretty amazing, especially when guests share an experience together.

Our favourite combined pre wedding activity was a tag along tour we hosted a couple of years ago. This gave the whole multigenerational male clan (of both tribes) the chance to prove their testosterone and manliness - it broke the ice so to speak and that evening, after the main event, it was beautiful to watch groups of people who had only met that morning, recount their experience with laughter and good spirits. 


We find tours and activities do this well. Giving guests a chance to mingle and create a relationship with relative stranger, especially in a wedding situation can be difficult when you are sitting around a table, tied to a seat. Some games are a great way to mix the crew. One year we hosted a group Minigolf tournament - we mixed the teams so you were playing with people you did not know and the bonds that grew from that adventure lasted the whole weekend. 


We are really pleased to release our wedding guide for the Pemberton Lodge. It links our tours with our accommodation and we hope it gives couples and families a few ideas on how they can make their wedding memorable for all the right reasons - and you know us - we love feedback on how to improve (so let us know).


Download the Guide Here

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How your Pre & Post Wedding Celebrations can be made easy!

February 26, 2018

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